Advanced Discovery Services Selects Equivio’s Near-Duplicate Grouping and Email Thread Analysis Technology

Mountain View, CA, January 11, 2009 – Advanced Discovery Services, a leading provider of litigation support services, today announced that it will use Equivio’s technology for near-duplicates and email threads to enhance its suite of data discovery and document management services.

“Our business strategy is based on leveraging advanced technology to more efficiently manage the discovery process,” stated Thadd Hale, President at Advanced Discovery Services. “Our customers face a fundamental dilemma in litigation review; the problem of finding vital information from within growing volumes of data, while simultaneously reducing review costs. We have incorporated Equivio’s near-duplicate and email threads capability as a standard part of our service to help our customers address this pervasive challenge.”

With a customer base including top law firms and Fortune 500 companies, Advanced Discovery Services offers a complete range of high-end electronic discovery and document management services. Advanced Discovery Services will be incorporating Equivio’s near-duplicate and email threads service as a standard component in all new cases.

The grouping of near-duplicates and email threads allows attorneys to skip redundant data, while focusing exclusively on the unique information in each document. By enhancing the findability of data, Equivio reduces the risk of missing key information and achieves cost savings of 30% – 50%. The Equivio groupings also ensure similar documents are treated consistently, while enhancing review productivity and efficiency.

“Using Equivio’s proven technology expedites the document management and review process, giving Advanced Discovery Services customers the edge they need to compete effectively,” said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. “We are delighted that Advanced Discovery Services chose Equivio as its technology partner for near-duplicates and email threads.”

About Advanced Discovery Services

Advanced Discovery Services offers a portfolio of high quality and technology-driven discovery services, including forensic discovery and data retrieval, electronic file and email conversion, industry leading online review tools and document review. Its expert management team has over 30 years of experience in the industry working with top law firms and Fortune 500 corporations. Advanced Discovery Services has offices in San Francisco (CA), Mountain View (CA), San Jose (CA), Kansas City (MO) and Chicago (IL). For more information, visit

About Equivio

Equivio enables the management of data redundancy in content-centric business processes. Equivio’s technology zooms in on unique data, allowing you to read less, think more, win big™. With products for grouping near-duplicates, capturing email threads and comparing documents, Equivio powers a broad range of business applications, including e-discovery, records management, email archiving, data retention and intelligence. To learn more about winning with Equivio, or visit