Data Retention

The Problem

Driven by compliance, discovery and storage challenges, organizations are moving quickly to implement data retention systems. These new generation record management capabilities provide corporations with the level of litigation-readiness they need to respond to discovery and audit requests in a timely and risk-free manner.

  • Data retention initiatives involve the handling of significant volumes of unstructured, data. This creates key challenges for data retention initiatives:
  • Data ingest: the import of legacy data into the data retention system, both in the initial implementation of the system, and in ongoing operations
    Data management: the monitoring, search and administration of data within the data retention system.

The Solution I: Enhancing Data Ingest

The effective filtering of legacy data is critical to the successful rollout of a data retention system. This ingest process includes the selection, loading and coding of legacy into the target data retention platform. Data ingest is a major challenge, both in initial system implementation and in ongoing operations.

The legacy data is typically unstructured chaos. Nothing is gained from copying that chaos into the new data retention environment. Equivio’s near-duplicate and email thread groupings facilitate a structured data ingest process by enabling similar documents to be handled together:

  • Enhanced productivity: the Equivio groupings enable bulk handling, reducing the costs of effort-intensive data conversion and ongoing ingest operations
  • Consistency: ensuring consistent retention and coding decisions for similar documents
  • Enhanced findability: by exposing the unique data, there is a reduced risk of missing key data that needs to be identified and stored in the data retention system

The Solution II: Enhancing Data Management

The ongoing management of data within the data retention system involves the application of corporate retention policies, and the collection of files, from within the repository, to be submitted in response to regulatory, investigative and litigation events.

The grouping of near-duplicates and email threads helps ensure the consistent automation and application of rules and policies across like documents. In addition, the similarity groupings ensure that organizations can comply with the regulator’s rules, while dealing effectively with discovery, audit, freedom of information and declassification requests.

The Equivio groupings also allow administrators to make consistent decisions regarding the inclusion or exclusion of similar documents or related emails from a target collection. This is crucial for ensuring quality deliverables, while eliminating exposure due to inadvertent non-compliance with document requests.

Working with Equivio

Equivio offers a software product. This product is provided as a component to support near-duplicate and email thread functionality within third party data retention solutions. We offer a range of options for utilizing Equivio’s capabilities:

End-users — Corporations, Law Firms and Government

ModeWorking with Equivio
Embedded within an in-house third-party data retention productEquivio is embedded in a range of data retention products that are provided for direct install in your organization.
Direct install as part of your in-house, custom-built data retention solutionFor organizations implementing a custom-built best-of-breed data retention solution, Equivio can be integrated as a direct install component

Data retention vendors — Service Providers and Software Vendors

Equivio PartnerWorking with Equivio
Data conversion outsourcersWhen implementing a new data retention system, many organizations outsource the process of filtering and converting legacy data. The Equivio software is implemented by the outsourcer to enhance productivity, to reduce the risk of inconsistent treatment of similar documents, and to ensure a quality deliverable
System integratorsEquivio is used by system integrators as a component in the data retention solution that they build for their customers
Software vendorsEquivio is embedded by data retention software vendors, in OEM mode, as part of data retention software products offered for direct install in the corporation