Electronic Discovery

The Problem

In an e-discovery environment shaped by the new FRCP rules, organizations are challenged by ballooning document volumes and skyrocketing costs. The organizations involved in litigation — from corporations to law firms and government — are searching for ways to cope with the document surge, enhancing their ability to win litigation, comply with the rules, and reduce costs. The same challenges confront companies in the conduct of internal investigations and when responding to regulatory requests.

The Solution

Equivio’s product groups near-duplicates and builds email threads. This eliminates redundancy in the document review process. The result: litigators can zoom in on the information they need to build and win a case, while driving significant cost savings.

When reviewing near-duplicate documents, the Equivio technology enables the user to pinpoint each document’s unique, value-added content. When reviewing emails, Equivio allows users to focus exclusively on emails that contain unique content.

The Benefits

Proven in cases with the Department of Justice, leading law firms and major corporations, the Equivio technology helps win litigation by allowing you to focus on what’s important — that is, on documents that contain unique information, and on the unique information within each document. Benefits include:

Reduced costs. Proven in hundreds of cases, Equivio’s technology consistently reduces review and handling costs by 30 to 50%.

Consistent treatment. The Equivio groupings ensure consistent preservation, coding and annotation of very similar documents. The need for consistency applies throughout the data cycle, from the feed of documents into the retention archive, through the implementation of storage policies, and the treatment of documents in a specific litigation or regulatory event.

Enhanced findability of data. By allowing the virtual suppression of redundant data, Equivio helps users cut directly to the information they need. The focus on unique data enhances data findability, and reduces the risk of missing critical information.
The bottom line: read less, think more, win big.

Use Scenarios

Source documents. Equivio creates a compelling ROI for native, OCR and hybrid collections. The standard use scenario for Equivio is native files. However, Equivio is equally effective in OCR and hybrid collections. Where all or part of the collection is paper-sourced, OCR errors render standard de-duplication (based on CRC or MD5 hash algorithm) ineffective. Indeed, OCR collections typically show zero exact duplicates — while there may be multiple exact copies of the same document in the paper set, the digitized files will invariably have small differences. By grouping near-duplicates, many companies are using Equivio as a substitute for standard de-duping in paper-based situations.

E-discovery Process. Equivio is used in the following stages of the e-discovery process:

  • Review: The Equivio near-duplicate and email thread groupings are used to reduce the cost, time and risk of document review.
  • Quality control: The Equivio groupings serve a QC function by verifying consistency of treatment. This applies to both objective and subjective coding. For example, following the completion of review, prior to production, Equivio allows the identification of near-duplicate sets in which there has been inconsistent treatment on responsive or privileged tags.
  • Referencing and matching: When discovery materials are received from legal opponents, co-plaintiffs or co-defendants, Equivio is used to map the various batches, identifying the overlap and unique documents in each party’s collection.

Case size. Equivio’s value proposition is indifferent to case size. Even in very small collections, Equivio has been valuable in helping the user sort out and make sense of the collection. Indeed, Equivio has consistently proven its value in cases of 2,000 documents, as in cases of 20 million documents.

Rolling loads. In most e-discovery scenarios, the documents are received over time. Equivio handles these rolling loads as standard procedure. There is no need to re-process the complete collection with each incoming load. Equivio processes just the incremental documents and calculates their groupings across the entire case.

Working with Equivio

Equivio offers a software product. This product is provided as a component to support near-duplicate and email thread functionality within third party e-discovery solutions. We offer a range of options for utilizing Equivio’s capabilities:

End-users — Corporations, Law Firms and Government

ModeWorking with Equivio
Outsourcing via your service providerMost of the leading discovery service providers have Equivio software installed, allowing them to provide you with near-duplicate and email thread groupings as part of your overall service package.
Embedded within an in-house third-party e-discovery productEquivio is embedded in a range of e-discovery products that are provided for direct install in your organization.
Direct install as part of your in-house, custom-built e-discovery solutionFor organizations implementing a custom-built best-of-breed e-discovery solution, Equivio can be integrated as a direct install component

E-discovery vendors — Service Providers and Software Vendors

Equivio PartnerWorking with Equivio
Service providersThe Equivio software is implemented by the service provider to enable provision of near-duplicate groupings and email threads as part of the providers’ overall data processing and hosting service
Software vendorsEquivio is embedded by e-discovery software vendors, in OEM mode, as part of e-discovery software products offered for direct install in law firms, corporations and government departments.