Email Threads

Eliminate redundancy in email review.

• Simplify email review
• Review emails in context of their original threads
• In e-discovery and investigations, reduces email review volume by 50%

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Email Threads 2

Reconstruct email threads to reduce review costs.

  • Set-centric.
    Review emails as part of the original thread. 
  • Inclusives.
    Review the last email in the thread. This is the “Inclusive”. Equivio verifies, with 100% certainty, that all the preceding emails in the thread are fully contained within the Inclusive. 
  • Bulk tagging.
    Bulk tag all the emails in a thread. It’s a lot faster, plus you ensure consistency.

Why leaders choose Equivio’s email threading.

  • Proven. 
    Used by the DoJ, the FTC and over 80 e-discovery service providers. Serving hundreds of law firms and corporations.
  • Defensible.
    First generation analytics used metadata to reconstruct email threads. By analyzing content (rather than metadata), Equivio verifies that the last email in a thread is truly inclusive of all the previous emails in the thread.
  • Setting the standard.
    Equivio’s content-centric threading eliminates false positives. So you can safely review just the Inclusives. The content-centric approach also eliminates dependence on the idiosyncrasies of metadata. Robust. The system works regardless of email format. 

Bottom line. An email structure is worth a thousand words.

  • Less cost.
    By identifying Inclusives, Equivio’s email threading saves 50% on review costs. Consistently, case after case.
  • Less risk.
    Reduce tagging errors by enabling bulk tagging of the thread. So you can ensure consistent treatment of “included” emails.
  • Find more.
    Equivio’s threading creates a compact view of email data. In a second, you can eyeball the structure and understand the story. Clarity. Less chance of missing key data. More chance of finding what you need.