Envision Discovery Bolsters eDiscovery Capabilities with Equivio Zoom

Raleigh, NC, June 18, 2014 – Envision Discovery, a leading full-service eDiscovery provider for law firms, corporate counsel, and government agencies, today announced the incorporation of Equivio Zoom, an integrated platform for predictive coding and analytics, into its portfolio of service offerings. Envision Discovery intends to offer clients the Equivio technology as a standard component of its eDiscovery solutions, including full integration with the Relativity review platform.

“Equivio’s proven, best-in-class eDiscovery analytics technologies further enhance the value we bring to our clients,” said Todd Meaker, Managing Partner at Envision Discovery. “By helping legal teams efficiently find all relevant and responsive documents in massive volumes of electronically stored information, Equivio enables our clients to litigate more effectively, while simultaneously reducing the ever-rising costs associated with electronic discovery and review.”

Zoom combines Equivio’s best-of-breed Relevance application for predictive coding, with advanced analytics including thematic analysis, near-duping, email threading, batching and language detection. Zoom can be used for early data assessment to determine case strategy, culling to reduce review set volumes, and data organization to increase review efficiency.

“We are proud to partner with technology-savvy service providers such as Envision Discovery, that clearly understand the need for intelligent analytics,” said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. “By integrating Equivio Zoom technology within its existing eDiscovery workflow, Envision Discovery is able to slash review volumes and costs for its clients, while enhancing their ability to build a winning case.”

About Envision Discovery

Over the past 7 years, Envision Discovery has helped many Fortune 500 companies and their legal teams find the evidence they needed to execute their discovery requests and to fulfill all of the legal requirements of the discovery process in a transparent and defensible manner. We are constantly testing and implementing new technologies, such as early case assessment tools, search engines, and review platforms, in order to provide our clients the best and most cost-efficient technology available. However, it is our people that set us apart. Envision Discovery’s team of consultants, project managers, and technicians work tirelessly to provide our clients with timely and professional work on every matter. We have handled large document productions (both paper and eDiscovery) in diverse industries including financial services, media, insurance, technology, telecommunications, construction, healthcare, and energy.  Envision has offices in Raleigh, Charlotte and Richmond.  For more information please visit our website.

About Equivio

Equivio provides analytics software for eDiscovery and information governance. Users include hundreds of law firms, corporations and government agencies. Equivio offers Zoom, an integrated web platform for analytics and predictive coding.  Zoom organizes collections of documents in meaningful ways.  So you can zoom right in and find out what’s interesting, notable and unique. Request a demo or visit us at www.equivio.com.  Zoom in. Find out.  


For Envision Discovery: 

Sarah Pons – Director of Sales

For Equivio:

Warwick Sharp