Equivio Launches Game-Changing Predictive Coding Platform for Information Governance

Kensington, MD, February 4, 2014 – Equivio, a provider of analytics technology for e-discovery and information governance, today announced the launch of Zoom for Information Governance, a breakthrough predictive coding solution that transforms the way organizations handle records retention and data remediation.

Zoom for Information Governance is based on Equivio’s best-in-class predictive coding software, re-engineered to support the unique needs of information governance. Endorsed by the courts, predictive coding is widely used in e-discovery. In information governance, the Equivio solution combines proven Zoom technology with human expertise to defensibly automate enterprise compliance processes such as records identification, categorization, schedule implementation, and defensible deletion.  

“As in e-discovery, predictive coding will revolutionize the way organizations manage and control information,” said Bennett B. Borden, Chair of the Information Governance and eDiscovery Group at Drinker Biddle. “In pilot projects with major companies, we have seen how the Zoom technology effectively creates a new paradigm for records retention. Analytics is the future of Information Governance, and Equivio’s technology helps make this future a reality.”

Companies often fail in their attempt to implement records retention schedules.  Given unmanageable data volumes and the inherent complexity of the task, manual records retention processes are neither feasible nor defensible. Moreover, the manual approach requires employees to “self-classify,” relying on their individual interpretation of detailed classification criteria. This is burdensome, costly and yields alarmingly inconsistent results. In the absence of a workable alternative, many organizations have become paralyzed, defaulting to an inefficient and risk-laden “keep everything forever” approach. Either way, the existing approaches to records retention have left businesses saddled with an untenable level of risk and out-of-control legal costs.

Zoom for Information Governance introduces an innovative new approach that renders records retention both do-able and defensible. Zoom can be trained to imitate the document classification decisions of the organization’s legal and compliance subject matter experts. This allows organizations to defensibly delete legacy junk, while also mapping and regaining control of data resources. Importantly, Zoom is embedded in a rigorous statistical framework, providing enterprises with a sound methodology for quantifying compliance risks and costs.

“Organizations can no longer afford to fail when it comes to implementing information governance policies,” said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. “Zoom for Information Governance leverages Equivio’s analytics technologies to enable effective implementation of proactive records retention. For most companies, storage costs are certainly a factor. But the key motivation is to reduce the risk and cost of critical legal processes such as e-discovery, investigations and regulatory requests.”

In addition to predictive coding, Zoom for Information Governance includes powerful analytics capabilities such as clustering, data profiling, pivot analysis, email threading, language detection, find similar capabilities, and complex search. These capabilities are used to support a wide range of information governance use scenarios, including data leakage prevention, behavior alerts and internal investigations.

Together with our legal advisory partners, Equivio offers companies a pilot program for Information Governance. The pilot program provides corporations with the opportunity to assess the potential impact of applying the Zoom predictive coding environment to their records retention framework. To find out how you can conduct your own pilot program, or to schedule a demo at LegalTech New York, contact us at info@equivio.com. 

Equivio’s Warwick Sharp will be moderating a LegalTech panel discussion on February 4 at 2:00 PM regarding the use of predictive coding for Information Governance.

About Equivio

Equivio provides analytics software for e-discovery and information governance. Users include hundreds of corporations, law firms and government agencies. Equivio offers Zoom, an integrated web platform for analytics and predictive coding.  Zoom organizes collections of documents in meaningful ways.  So you can zoom right in and find out what’s interesting, notable and unique. Request a demo or visit us at www.equivio.com.  Zoom in. Find out.  


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