Equivio Leverages Microsoft Platform

September 20, 2006 – The Equivio>NearDuplicates product is based on Microsoft technology. The product operates on the Microsoft XP platform. It also utilizes the Microsoft SQL Server database as well as the Microsoft IFilter components for content extract.

Equivio detects and groups near-duplicate documents. Equivio is used to enhance the review, search and management of documents. By grouping near-duplicates, Equivio reduces the cost, time and risk of error involved in handling large document repositories.

Near-duplicates are hidden from the naked eye. Prior to Equivio, organizations had no way of knowing how many documents and emails are actually near-duplicates. The scale of the near-duplicate phenomenon is immense – in typical enterprise environments, Equivio is consistently finding that 30-50% of all files are near-duplicates. This translates into a huge hidden cost whenever people need to find or review documents.

Equivio creates a compelling ROI in all business situations in which people need to make sense of large sets of documents. Usage scenarios include, for example, legal discovery, internal investigations, military intelligence, homeland security, compliance and risk management, email archiving, records management, digitization projects, enterprise content management, search engines and data mining.

In all these situations, Equivio’s patent-pending technology processes the document collection, grouping the near-duplicates together. This revolutionizes the document review process. In the absence of Equivio, near-duplicates are dispersed randomly through the document collection. With Equivio, the near-duplicates are clustered into groups, enabling a coherent, systematic review process.

Equivio is built for straightforward plug-in as an OEM component, or as a standalone application integrated within the enterprise systems environment.

Equivio released Equivio>NearDuplicates version 2.2.0 in September 2006.

About Equivio

Equivio offers patent-pending technology to detect and group near-duplicate files. Equivio creates a compelling ROI in all business situations in which people need to analyze or manage large sets of documents. By grouping near-duplicates, Equivio enables the review of each set of similar documents as a single coherent entity, systemizing the review process and enhancing efficiency. These capabilities save time and effort, improve review quality and ensure consistent treatment of similar documents. For more information, visit www.equivio.com.

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