What happened to the fish?

Equivio regulars know our fish very well. They first appeared when we set sail with our initial website back in 2005. It’s been a great journey, and the fish stuck by us every fathom of the way. And now the fish are no more. Was it a Nemo-style escape from the world wide web? Were they kidnapped by competitors? (Readers may recall an actual incident like this, a few years ago…) Or captured by poachers for sale as collector items? Or, even worse, did they end up on the sushi plate?

Well, let the truth be told. We just let them go. It was hard to say goodbye, but we wished them well, thanked them for their time, and gently placed them in their warm and friendly waters. And all this why? Because Equivio has moved on. Equivio aficionado know that we originally chose the fish because to us, as human beings, they appear to be near-duplicates (not so, if you are fish of course). Back then, near-duplicates is what we did. But then we added email threads, and predictive coding. Plus the Zoom platform, with processing, ECA, search and enriched analytics.

So we’re now in a different place.
So too are the fish.
Long live the fish.