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kCura Announces Integration of Relativity with Equivio

Chicago, IL, April 22, 2008– kCura Corporation, a software company providing the kCura™ Relativity web-based litigation support platform, today announced the integration of Equivio technology for near-duplicates and email threads into Relativity. The Equivio technology suppresses redundancy in the document review process, reducing costs while helping litigators zoom in on the information they need to build a case.

“Our job is to help our customers in any way we can to improve the efficiency of their document review projects,” said Andrew Sieja, Chief Executive Officer of kCura. “That’s why we’ve integrated Relativity with Equivio.”

Sieja continued, “Equivio’s best-of-breed near-duplicate and email thread technology gives Relativity customers the ability to slice right through the redundant data, and zoom in on what’s important. That’s key in reducing the time it takes to complete any document review project.”

The incorporation of Equivio’s near-duplicate and email thread capabilities reduces review time and costs, while ensuring the consistent treatment of similar documents. When reviewing near-duplicates, the compare feature allows the user to immediately access each document’s unique, value-added content.

kCura also supports Equivio’s content-centric email thread capability. Equivio’s content-centric approach to building email threads allows users to review only emails that contain unique content. Applied to the Enron data, Equivio’s email thread technology was able to reduce the review effort by 60%. In addition, the content-centric approach is robust, eliminating any dependence on the idiosyncrasies of email metadata. The Equivio technology is used for native, OCR and hybrid collections.

Amir Milo, Chief Executive Officer of Equivio, said, “Our customers have been asking for integration with kCura’s Relativity. I am delighted that it’s now available. With integration of the near-duplicates and email threads, plus the compare capability, kCura’s Relativity customers will be able to leverage the full power of the Equivio technology.”

About kCura

kCura is a Chicago-based software company that has been building powerful and easy-to-use applications for its clients since 2001. With a flexible workflow component and inherent native document viewing capabilities, Relativity connects clients, counsel, contract attorneys, experts, and outside vendors in one solution. kCura serves some of the nation’s leading law firms by deploying Relativity in-house, as well as providing a hosted solution through an expanding network of partners. For more information, visit

About Equivio

Equivio groups near-duplicates and structures email threads. Equivio’s patent-pending technology zooms in on unique data, allowing you to read less, think more, win big™. In the 2007 Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey, law firms ranked Equivio as a Top 10 software vendor. To learn more about winning with Equivio, visit

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