Merrill Corporation Announces Implementation of Equivio Technology within E-discovery Offering

St. Paul, MN, June 25, 2008 – Merrill Corporation, a leading global provider of technology-enabled services for the legal, financial, real estate and other corporate markets, has announced the implementation of Equivio’s near-duplicate and email threads technology. These capabilities will be used to support Merrill’s industry-leading e-discovery offering and have been fully integrated into the Merrill Lextranet™ case management system. The Equivio technology enables Merrill customers to skip redundant data, driving down review costs, while also helping litigators pinpoint the information that they need to build, argue and win litigation cases.

“Merrill is focused on empowering our customers to compete effectively. By integrating Equivio’s technology, we are offering a proven and powerful productivity tool,” said Neil Aresty, Senior Vice President of Merrill Corrporation and co-founder of Lextranet. “Equivio directs you to the unique information in your collection, helping you to uncover those gems of information on which litigation victories so often depend.”

Merrill Corporation has implemented the Equivio technology to enhance its service offering by grouping near-duplicates and reconstructing email threads. The incorporation of Equivio’s near-duplicate and email thread capabilities reduces review time and costs, while ensuring the consistent treatment of similar documents. When reviewing near-duplicates, the compare feature allows the user to immediately access each document’s unique, value-added content.

Merrill has also implemented Equivio’s content-centric email thread capability. Equivio’s content-centric approach to building email threads allows users to review only emails that contain unique content. Applied to the Enron data, Equivio’s email thread technology was able to reduce the review effort by 60%. In addition, the content-centric approach is robust, eliminating any dependence on the idiosyncrasies of email metadata, while also facilitating thread analysis on OCR collections.

Amir Milo, Chief Executive Officer of Equivio, said, “Merrill Corporation is a leader in the e-discovery market, and we are proud to further enhance its rich and innovative discovery solution suite. Merrill’s decision to implement Equivio’s further strengthens our position as the best-of-breed vendor of near-duplicate and email thread technology.”

About Merrill Corporation

Founded in 1968 and headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., Merrill Corporation ( is a leading provider of outsourcing solutions for complex business communication and information management. Merrill’s services include document and data management, litigation support, branded communication programs, fulfillment, imaging and printing. Merrill targets markets including the legal, financial services, insurance and real estate industries. With more than 6,300 people in over 70 domestic and 15 international locations, Merrill empowers the communications of the world’s leading companies.

About Equivio

Equivio groups near-duplicates and structures email threads. Equivio’s patent-pending technology zooms in on unique data, allowing you to read less, think more, win big™. In the 2007 Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey, law firms ranked Equivio as a Top 10 software vendor. To learn more about winning with Equivio, visit

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