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Only for cases you want to win

Zoom is acknowledged as the premium analytics and predictive coding platform for e-discovery. We’re a serial winner in head-to-head evaluations.  Our customers are savvy litigators whose reputations are on the line in every case. They know that Zoom can make the difference between winning and losing.

Use it to zoom in on the key data. Make sense of the case. Find the relevant documents, and find them fast. Slash costs by filtering the rest. Prioritize the review.  Join the winners.  

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Making records retention do-able 

Zoom automates records retention compliance and legacy data remediation. Human-based classification of business records is no longer feasible. There’s too much data and the task is too complex.

But Zoom’s predictive coding technology now makes records retention doable. Once trained, Zoom can classify records and identify junk automatically. Quality is assured – the system is trained by a centralized core team to ensure consistency.  And your process is defensible because Zoom’s rigorous statistical framework monitors quality, measures outcomes and quantifies risk. 

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The right technology for the right problem

Zoom is a platform for predictive coding and analytics. Equivio offers specialized versions of Zoom for e-discovery and information governance.  Zoom core technologies include predictive coding, near-duping, email threading, clustering, pivot analysis, conceptual search, find similar and language detection.

Equivio focuses on innovative first-to-market analytics that can transform conventional business processes. Equivio technologies have revolutionized the cost structure and operational paradigm of e-discovery….and the makeover of information governance is only just beginning.