About Equivio

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Equivio develops text analysis software. Text analysis software organizes sets of documents and emails in meaningful ways. Here are a few examples. Grouping near-duplicate documents. Reconstructing email threads. Clustering by subject. Search. Language detection. Data mining. And predictive coding software that you can train to find relevant or privileged documents. It’s a fascinating area because it imitates human intuition.

Our R&D team includes people with some very specialist knowledge in some very specific areas of machine learning and statistics. When you combine this knowledge base with generous doses of creativity, tenacity and luck, you have the ingredients for some great software products.

Equivio’s software is used in e-discovery and information governance. The key problem here is the massive volume of documents, and the equally massive cost of reviewing them. The software helps people make sense of it all, quickly and efficiently. Cost savings in litigation review are usually in the 50% range. Users include the DoJ, the FTC, KPMG, Deloitte, plus hundreds of law firms and corporations. Many of these users work with Equivio via our network of over 80 e-discovery service providers.