Zoom Tab in Relativity

What customers want.

• Equivio’s analytics and predictive coding
• Relativity’s review
• Now combined

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Zoom Tab in Relativity 2

Relativity is “Zoom-ready”

  • One-stop access to both solutions for analytics, predictive coding and review.
    The Zoom tab in Relativity enables seamless access to all Zoom functionality without leaving the Relativity review environment.
  • Unified Relativity GUI.
    All-in-one solution features a single, unified GUI for an optimal user experience.
  • Short learning curve for Relevance training.
    Tagging of sample documents for relevance is performed using the standard Relativity review GUI. 

Seamless User Experience within Relativity

  • Ease of use.
    With Zoom fully embedded within Relativity, users can perform all their Zoom-powered analytical and predictive coding tasks within the familiar Relativity “look and feel”.
  • Streamlined data flow.
    Zoom accesses and updates the Relativity database directly, creating a seamless workflow that simplifies data handling, saves time and reduces the risk of error.
  • Simple to deploy.
    With automated installation and full integration, implementation of Zoom with Relativity becomes a non-issue.

Bottom Line: Easier Access to Equivio Analytics for Relativity Users.

  • The power of cooperation.
    Equivio. Relativity. Cooperating to deliver enhanced value to our shared customers.
  • Seamless integration.
    Unified GUI. Integrated data and workflow. Outstanding user experience.
  • What customers want.
    Equivio’s powerful analytics and predictive coding. Relativity’s fully-featured review. All in one place. Just like our customers asked.