ZANTAZ® Launches Near-Duplicate Detection Offering

PLEASANTON, Calif., July 17, 2006 – ZANTAZ, Inc., a global leader in content archiving and eDiscovery solutions, today announced the launch of a new offering for detecting near-duplicate files. The offering is based on patent-pending technology from Equivio. The grouping of near-duplicate documents significantly reduces costs and errors in litigation review.

“ZANTAZ is committed to technology leadership in the legal discovery industry,” said David Baskin, director of Discovery Management, ZANTAZ. “With the implementation of Equivio’s innovative near-duplicate technology, we continue to deliver on this commitment. Given that near-duplicate files represent between 25 and 50 percent of discovery collections, Equivio’s technology is one of the most important contributions to reducing litigation costs that the industry has seen over the past several years.”

ZANTAZ is offering the near-duplicate grouping capability as part of its latest version of Introspect [see related release, “ZANTAZ eDiscovery enhancements allow corporations and law firms to better manage the discovery process,” issued today by ZANTAZ], which can be deployed as an on-demand hosted discovery service or as an on-site discovery application. The integration is facilitated by Equivio’s open architecture and detailed Software Development Kit (SDK).

The integration with Equivio allows users of the ZANTAZ Introspect review environment to sort documents by near-duplicate groupings (known as EquiSets), retrieve documents belonging to a given EquiSet, assign EquiSets for review, and apply an attribute, such as a privileged or responsive code, to an entire EquiSet. The use of EquiSets within Introspect dramatically decreases the time and cost of the review process, and reduces the number of errors that can occur when handling and producing large document repositories.

“We are delighted that a service provider of ZANTAZ’ stature has adopted our technology,” said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. “ZANTAZ is a tier-one vendor and very technology-savvy. The integration of Equivio into Introspect is an outstanding affirmation of our near-duplicate detection product.”


ZANTAZ is the global leader in Information Retention and Discovery Management (IRDM) solutions. ZANTAZ archiving and litigation support solutions enable organizations to capture, preserve and access unstructured digital information—including email, IM, files, scanned documents, and other electronic records—and review and produce relevant documents in a manner that reduces operational risks and costs while complying with legal, regulatory and corporate policy requirements. ZANTAZ solutions are available as on-site software applications or on-demand hosted services, and include a broad set of professional services and integration support. ZANTAZ customers include 9 of the 10 top global law firms, 11 of the Fortune 25 and 14 of the top 20 Financial Securities firms. For more information, visit

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Equivio offers patent-pending technology to detect and group near-duplicate files. Rquivio creates a compelling ROI in all business situations in which people need to analyze or manage large sets of documents. By grouping near-duplicates, Equivio enables the review of each set of similar documents as a single coherent entity, systemizing the review process of enhancing efficiency. These capabilities save time and effort, improve review quality and ensure consistent treatment of similar documents. For more information, visit our website at

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